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Web and Desktop Development with Python

Web and Desktop Development with Python
Linx Consulting, Inc. uses many different development products, chosen by the intended use of the end product. Python is one of the development languages that we use. Python is a popular language that is in constant development and has excellent support in the developer community.
Python applications are programs designed to allow you to complete the tasks that are set before you in an effective manner. A Python application can be any size but typically contains multiple functionalities and a graphical user interface that makes using the application enjoyable.
Python utilities are typically small but useful programs that aim to perform one specific task and are not typically designed for the average user. A Python utility might have a graphical user interface but more likely is started from the command line.
A lot of times utilities are used by developers and IT personnel. Utilities can perform a set of common tasks that are run periodically. A set of utilities may be given a graphical user interface to make it easier to select and run the underlying utilities.
A well designed utility can be a great time-saver.
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