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Why is it faster to copy large files compared to lots of small files on my hard drive?
Learn why hard drive performance varies depending on file size.

Linux - Freely Licensed Operating System for the Average Computer User
This is an introduction to a series of videos pertaining to Linux operating systems and why you, an average computer user will benefit from using them.

Differences Between Linux and Windows File Systems
Learn the basic differences between the Linux and Windows file systems so that you may better understand the way Linux files are stored.

Installing and Using Linux for the Average Computer User Part 2
In this video you will begin looking at software that installs with OpenSuSE Linux. The video starts with some important software for creating backups and keeping your system up to date and then takes a look at FireFox and the LibreOffice suite.

Installing and Using Linux for the Average Computer User Part 1
This video will teach you how to perform a basic Linux installation using OpenSuSE Linux.

How good is the warranty you receive on a product or service purchase?
Some warrantees are better than others. Sseveral factors influence your experience. Here are some things to look for when considering the warranty you receive.

Linux and Linux Software Quality
Some people claim Linux and Linux software is low quality. Read this article to find out the truth.

What is Linux, a Linux Operating System and a Linux Distribution?
Learn the very basics of Linux and why you should consider using it.

Will my Hard Drive be Damaged if I Never defragment it?
Your hard drive will not be damaged if you never defragment it. This article provides some additional details retarding defragmenting and why you may want to defragment your hard drive.

Install CD Software on a Computer with No CD Drive
Some options for installing CD (DVD) based software on your computer that has no CD/DVD drive.

Do You Need Linux Cleaning Tools?
Get information about Linux Cleaning Tools and why you probably don't need to use them.
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