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Microsoft Excel Reporting

Microsoft Excel Reporting
You may have already used Microsoft Excel so you already know how powerful it is when it comes to performing complex math and creating professional charts. But Excel isn't the best thing to use when it comes to storing data for your organization. Some of the problems include being able to mix different data and data types in the same group of cells. Another problem occurs when you wish to store separate data sets for the same data object, such as a person or place, in separate worksheet files. Besides the need to manage where you keep the related files on the computer there's also the problem of having to repeat data entries in each worksheet in order to tie the worksheet data together.
The solution to the information storage issues is a database. A database can store the information you collect in separate but related tables. You might store basic information for a customer in one table but store their addresses and email addresses in separate tables so you can create a one-to-many relationship. Through the use of Microsoft Access you can then display the base information in a form and the addresses and emsil addresses in lists or additional forms. Everything can be tied together to make it easy to quickly access the information you need, in real-time, as others' continue to work in the application.
Microsoft Access is great for storing information in a relational manner. It has a powerful reporting and charting engine too. But Access cannot perform some of the complex functions available to Excel. Additionally, Access reports have some limitations on page size that Excel can overcome.
So, when you store your data in a databse but you need the reporting capabilities of Excel, use both. On its own, Excel can tap into database data in order to create worksheets full of data. But, did you know that Excel can be programmed from within Access to create completely custom worksheets that you can use without ever leaving your Access application? Through VBA code an Excel file can be created completely from scratch, as if you opened Excel and did all your work there or created by starting with an Excel file as a template and then fill in the missing pieces. Optionally, you can save the Excel file and open it outside of Access or share it with other users for reporting and analysis and collaboration. It's true. From within Access a complete Excel workbook with multiple worksheets can be created with all of the visual formatting and all of the complex functions you exoect from an Excel file. Once created you are free to use the Excel file in any way you normally would.
Microsoft Excel makes an excellent reporting tool for Microsoft Access. Linx Consulting, Inc. can programmatically create complex Excel reports with beautiful and functional formatting and formulas that make Excel such a great tool.
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