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Microsoft .NET Development

Microsoft .NET Development
Maybe you've heard of .NET before but don't really know what it is. .NET is Microsoft's development framework. It allows development in several different languages and is used to create desktop, Web and mobile device applications.
The .NET framework provides developers tools, and libraries that are used with the various development languages that the framework supports to create new code combined wih existing libraries to build complete applications and utilities. Libraries are small program pieces that help speed up development by removing the need to build the entire application from scratch.
To keep things in perspective, .NET is not the same as a Web framework like WordPress. .NET is a development environment that allows for the creation of all sorts of different applications and utilities with full customization and unlimited possibilities.
Linx Consulting, Inc. can build your applications and utilities using the .NET framework. We can also continue the development of existing .NET applications and utilities if you have the need to switch development providers or augment your current development team.
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