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Custom Microsoft Office Access Apps and Applications

Custom Microsoft Office Access Apps and Applications
Linx Consulting, Inc. creates new, custom Microsoft Office and Microsoft Access applications with elegant graphical user interfaces (GUI) and work flows that allow you to work more effectively, within a user-friendly environment. If you have an existing Office application that you want modified, we can help you with that, too. Microsoft Office and Access applications are still a large part of what Linx Consulting, Inc. creates every day.
You are probably already aware of Microsoft Office (Office) because you use Word, Excel, Outlook and other Office applications on a daily basis but did you know that Office includes a relational database application named Microsoft Access?
Microsoft Access (Access) is a relational database application with a full featured development environment included. Access typically comes into play when Excel and Word are no longer effective solutions for managing your company and customer information. For example, you may have created so many Excel files over the course of several years that you are finding it difficult to keep track of which file contains the information you need or you may be entering the same information into multiple Excel worksheets because Excel worksheets format your data as flat files with no relationship between them.
As a relational database engine, Access is able to pick up where Excel and Word leave off. You can store your information in records contained in tables that are well defined and have relationships defined between one another. If you aren't sure what that means, a relational database allows you to enter information once and retrieve it in many different ways. With Access, you can enter information in easy-to-use forms and report on that information in many different ways.
Access reporting is very robust and can handle almost all of your reporting requirement. There are some cases where Access reporting will not be enough. You might want to perform a mail merge or you may need to create an extremely wide report for analyzing large amounts of data in one place. Not to worry. Access interfaces with the other applications included in Office so that you can be very creative with reporting and data analysis.
Would you like to secure your data? By pairing Access with a server database product, such as Microsoft SQL Server or PostgreSQL your application can become a power-house of information that is fast and secure and can be used by multiple users both within your company's walls and remotely all around the world.
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